New exciting addition to K Funds: Robotics, Millennials, Security, Aging population, rise of the Emerging Markets middle-classes, Health & Wellness, Energy transition and Water…. an all in one fund (‘Thematic Trends’). A high-quality stock selection process, long only global Equities, nearly 3years track record with strong performance. The team runs already $330m on this strategy ($121m+ in a daily Ucits fund) and sits in a $4bn AUM house pioneer in Responsible and Sustainable investments with over 20years history.

 As we are keen to give sense to what we do and build philanthropic activities as we grow, we are delighted to support now the french charity ‘La Chaîne de l’Espoir’ ( which helps provide medical assistance and education to children around the globe. Amongst other programs, pediatric surgery infrastructure is in great need, so join us in supporting them.

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