A selection
based on facts
and conviction

How we select our


Asset manager partners are carefully and independently selected. Every fund will have been through an extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis process.

Sourcing & initial selection

We look for ‘Best of Breed’ and long-term performance. Most partners are recommended to us by our network of European fund analysts and therefore provide an initial selection from the start.


  • Company and team – experienced and healthy
  • Investment Strategy – clarity in the process and execution
  • Risk/Return – compelling performance over the long term and robust Risk Management


Investors are urged to seek independent advice and to conduct their own due diligence processes regarding the legal, regulatory, tax or financial implications of any investment. These should include investigations regarding the suitability of the product to meet their investment objectives, parameters and constraints, the investment rationale of the product, and the personnel and procedures employed by the investment manager to the fund. Investors are urged to review these findings on a regular and on-going basis, as circumstances may change. Please note that K Funds partnering funds may not be approved in all jurisdictions. Please contact K Funds to receive the current status.

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