– Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the global economy’s future, grounds for optimism emerge. Companies have displayed resilience in a high-interest-rate environment, hinting some growth potential. Additionally, notable strides have been taken to tackle inflation, which enhances the prospects for improved global output. In this environment Investors are seeking out active managers adept at identifying and capitalizing on the best risk-adjusted opportunities in the market. 

– Overall performances were disappointing last month with all funds showing flat or negative figures and only few funds slightly outperforming benchmarks.

– We are about to announce a new partnership with a $10bn group for an EM Equity fund.

– We will be resuming our K Women events from next month with a new european talented leader sharing her experience for the program.

– We are also thrilled to announce our latest sponsorship towards the movie industry. We have joined forces with other French institutions in supporting young talented film producers and directors. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we embark on this journey.

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