– September witnessed significant turbulence due to an unexpected resurgence in bond yields, intensifying the stress on areas of the stock market that are more vulnerable to interest rate fluctuations. Despite a prevailing high-risk appetite during the summer, sentiment gauges have since reverted to pessimistic levels. In terms of macroeconomic developments, the United States has sustained notably robust activity, while Europe and China are experiencing a deceleration, and inflation persists in its decline.

– Last month, K Funds finalised a new partnership with a multibillion group on Indian Equities portfolio management. Their studies found that Entrepreneur-run companies are the largest wealth creators in India. Performances are impressive. This is exciting times as India may be facing a ‘Golden Decade’ ahead.

– We also renewed our support to the French charity ‘La Chaîne de l’Espoir, providing medical and surgery support for women and children around the globe (India, Togo, Haiti, Mali,…). They are true heroes and a charity that needs more support.

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